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What is LottoWiz?

LottoWiz is a unique computer software program that makes picking smart Lotto numbers easy.

Why should I buy LottoWiz?

LottoWiz is the only Lotto software designed specifically for Australian Lotto players.  By focusing on Australian Lotto we deliver a superior product with features tailored to Australian Lotto games.

What country does LottoWiz apply to?

As you have probably gathered, LottoWiz is designed for Australian Lotto.

What Lottery games does LottoWiz apply to?

LottoWiz applies to Weekday Windfall Lotto (called Millionaire Medley Lotto in WA), Oz Lotto, Powerball Lotto and Saturday Lotto in all states.

Does LottoWiz come with past Lotto results?

Yes, all past Lotto results are included.

How do I keep LottoWiz up to date?

Simply choose Update LottoWiz from the Tools menu and LottoWiz will automatically download
the latest draw results from the Internet.

Alternatively you can download an update file from this website or you can enter the numbers in the Data Entry screen which is available on the Tools menu.

What's unique about LottoWiz?

The key to LottoWiz lies in its flexibility.  You can use each of the LottoWiz features separately or you can combine them to suit your needs.  LottoWiz makes picking the numbers that you want to play easy.

How do I install LottoWiz?

LottoWiz installation instructions

LottoWiz is asking for a registration key, where do I find this?

See comments in LottoWiz installation instructions

I'm getting an error, what do I do?

Please see our Support Knowledge Base before emailing us.

Does LottoWiz have a help system?

Yes, LottoWiz is very easy to use but if you do need assistance a comprehensive help system with step by step instructions is included.

What Operating Systems is LottoWiz compatible with?

LottoWiz is compatible with Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8, 7.  If you require more information please contact

How much does LottoWiz cost?

LottoWiz is very affordable.  Click here for prices.

Why is LottoWiz so inexpensive?

Great software doesn't have to be expensive.  Mission Statement

If I subscribed to receive numbers by email how do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe at any time by logging into your PayPal account.



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