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LottoWiz is intelligent Lotto number selection software developed just for Australian Lotto players.

From statistical analysis to systems to wheels, LottoWiz has the numbers covered. Using LottoWiz's intelligent tools you can even apply and develop your own theories.

LottoWiz provides you with a host of features that take the guesswork out of picking smart Lotto numbers. Just point and click then let LottoWiz do the hard work for you.

LottoWiz comes preloaded with the entire history of Australian Lotto results so you can start using it straight away. It's never been so easy!

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LottoWiz at a glance

   Quick Picks
   Win Checker
  Automatic draw updates
   Easy to use
   Great value
  Immediate download
   And more...

$20 Million
Saturday Lotto Superdraw

27th July

$10 Million
Powerball Lotto Jackpot

25th July

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